Terracotta Stripped and Cleaned

Historical Floor Hidden Under Severe Efflorescence

The 1921 terra cotta floor in this historically significant Miami, FL property was hidden under a thick coating of very old sealer that had turned white with a condition called efflorescence. When moisture evaporated from the terra cotta, salts and minerals that were left behind became trapped under the sealer.

In addition, there were several star-shaped inlays of color-glazed terra cotta that, at some point, had been covered with some type of black paint or coating.

Floor Prep Only – Not Full Restoration

The historical society did not want us to completely restore this floor. Our job was to expose the original floor under all the damage and coatings so that they could make a more informed decision on whether to keep the original floor and have it fully restored or have the original floor replaced.

Our Process

First, we stripped the old sealer and efflorescence from the floor by hand, including the black paint on the star-shaped inlays. Then, we gave the floor a thorough deep cleaning using our floor machine mounted with special brushes designed for cleaning clay tiles.

Click on an image to see a larger version. As you can see, our services, although incomplete, made a dramatic difference. To learn more, visit our Clay Tile Services page.

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