Specialty Services

SpecialtyWhat can we do for you?

With our proven track record of quality installation and restoration services for floors, walls, and other surfaces, Godoy Stoneworks and Tile Care is proud to offer a variety of specialty services for residential and commercial customers throughout the West Palm Beach, FL area.

From demolition of tile and concrete, to expert stucco work to cast stone repair and more, we are well-equipped to care for your needs and accommodate your busy schedule.

Cultured Stone

Although cultured stone is often called “stone veneer” it’s actually made of concrete that has been poured into molds and stained or dyed to mimic the look of real stone. Because it is less expensive and less problematic compared to true natural stone veneer, many of our residential and commercial clients want us to install cultured stone around fireplaces, walls, columns, and other applications. In addition to installation, we also restore and repair existing cultured stone, both interior and exterior. Improper installation, exposure to moisture or the elements, and other conditions might result in cultured stone looking less impressive than when it was first installed. We can clean, repair, and restain or reseal your cultured stone to restore its elegance.

Architectural Cast Stone

From monolithic architectural features like walls, columns, and spandrels to fine architectural details, such as caps, sills, medallions, and trim, we are your go-to contractor for precision architectural cast stone design and installation. We work very closely with our trusted and experienced fabricator to achieve the exact look you want for interior and exterior applications on residential or commercial properties.

Architectural cast stone is a manufactured surface that simulates the appearance of natural stone. It is composed of dyed or stained cement and fine aggregates. As such, it is important to select a contractor who is very familiar and experienced with the properties of this unique type of surface. As installers, we have an added advantage when it comes to working with architectural cast stone. We have the proper tools, methods, solutions, and specialized knowledge to get the safely and effectively clean and repair it to like new.

Click here to view stunning images and read about one of our architectural cast stone jobs.

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