Stunningly Beautiful Surfaces

For the highest quality cleaning and restoration services for flooring, countertops, and other applications, home and commercial property owners choose Godoy Stoneworks and Tile Care.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is incredibly elegant and durable, but it does need professional attention from time to time. We fill chips and holes, strip coatings, clean and sanitize, repair cracks and other damage, level uneven tiles (lippage removal), hone, polish, color enhance, seal, and protect natural stone — from softer and more malleable stones like marble, limestone, soapstone, onyx, and cantera to harder stones like travertine, granite, and flagstone.

Quartz, Engineered Stone, and Terrazzo

We use some of the same equipment and processes used to restore natural stone to restore terrazzo, quartz, and engineered stone.

Polished Concrete

The benefits of polished concrete flooring are numerous. Our concrete services include patching, repair, polishing, sealing, and more.

Tile & Pavers

Porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, glass, and other types of tile are relatively easy to maintain with regularly scheduled professional deep cleaning services. Our powerful equipment and cleaning solutions extract dirt and grime from tile surfaces and flush out contaminants that get trapped deep within porous grout lines. Once your floors and surfaces are completely clean, we can seal or color seal the grout lines to help make regular cleaning more productive. We also service Mexican tile, Saltillo, terra cotta, and other types of clay tile and pavers.

Yes. We do that, too.

Additional services include demolition of existing surfaces, installation and repair of architectural cast stone, design and installation of natural stone, pavers, and brick for both new construction and remodels, as well as stucco work and other specialty services.

What You Should Know…

At Godoy Stoneworks and Tile Care, we can instruct you on the proper day-to-day care of your floors, countertops, and other surfaces. We offer a free, downloadable Care Guide and can recommend Care Products to help you keep your home or business looking great. We also provide a regularly scheduled maintenance program, upon request.

For a FREE estimate on stone, tile, terrazzo, quartz and engineered stone, clay tile, pavers, concrete, and other floor and surface installation and restoration services in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, and Indian River Counties, fill out our online contact form or call (561) 502-0692 or (561) 797-9592 today.